The Journey Begins — by Greg

An astronaut, tossed into the great ocean of space after an explosion rips his ship in half, plummets helplessly through infinity, back toward earth, wishing that he could do one last good thing before he is burned to ash in the planet’s atmosphere.
Back on earth, a young boy marvels as a falling star cascades across the night sky, watching with his mother, who implores him to make a wish.
Desperation turns to beauty. Despair turns to hope.
It is one of my favorite stories by, unquestionably, my favorite writer. It came from the glorious mind of Ray Bradbury and the story is called Kaleidoscope.
As I look back over the (far too many) years, it’s possible that there was never a moment in which I didn’t hope to some day run my own comic company.
It took a kick in the pants from Rafael Nieves to make that happen. Raf, in addition to being a dear friend, is a make-things-happen kind of guy. I suppose, in my own way, I fall into that category, as well, but when embarking on a new journey such as this, it’s always nice to have a friend to urge one on, to provide inspiration. It sure makes the ride a lot more fun.
I became entranced by comics when I was a kid, inexorably drawn into their magical combination of writing and art, working in tandem like no other art form to bring stories to life. When I was about 12 (just after the invention of the steam engine), I was the beneficiary of one of those renowned “box-of-comics-that-big-brother-leaves-behind-when-he-goes-to-college,” filled with a spectacular assortment of superhero and horror goodness. I haven’t been the same since.
Our plans for Kaleidoscope Entertainment are wide and far-ranging. The response we have already received from creators is, quite frankly, astounding, and beyond even our wild-eyed expectations. (And make no mistake about it, we are wild-eyed. Especially Raf. Have you ever seen the guy?)
The following blurb nicely sums up our attitude toward Kaleidoscope and the work we plan to produce.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment, producer of high-end horror/suspense/sci-fi/fantasy comics, is a company steeped in tradition, yet with its eye firmly on the future. The comics published by Kaleidoscope honor the works of the creative greats that have come before us, while bringing you stories created by today’s — and tomorrow’s — most compelling writers and artists.

And so the journey begins. One that will take us through haunted forests and deserted towns and faraway planets and night-shaded houses and monster-filled castles. And the most thrilling part of the journey is knowing that we will have others — like you — along for the ride.

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