Celebration, Not Denigration — by Greg

We love to tear things down. It’s part of human nature, I suppose. Albeit a rather nasty and petty part of human nature.
The joy we feel watching someone we admire achieve success is matched only, it seems, by the startling glee we feel watching their inevitable downfall.
We revel in any bit of salacious information we can unearth concerning celebrities of all kinds — athletes, actors, musicians, writers. Infidelity, drug abuse, law suits. We’ll take what we can get. Anything to knock the high and mighty from their pedestals, ignoring, of course, that those very pedestals were built by us.
Kaleidoscope is a company with a little different philosophy and you’ll see it reflected in the essays posted here by me and Raf.
Our company name is derived from a story by Ray Bradbury, as too, on some level, is our way of viewing the world. Mr. Bradbury once advised me that one of the most important things a person can do in life is to make a list of all the things you love in the world … and celebrate them! And if you can reach out to the people who have inspired you over the years and let them know how important they are to you, then by all means make that happen. (It should come as no great surprise that the first person I reached out to, in order to profess my undying love and gratitude, was one Ray Douglas Bradbury).
So that is what we will try to do here. Are there artists whose work leaves us cold? Sure. Writers that we simply, for whatever reason, cannot connect with on any level? Of course. Musicians who make us want to fling our iPods across the room? You betcha. Reality star ‘celebrities’ with no discernable talent whatsoever that make our blood boil? No question.
But sometimes people (particularly in the relative safety of the Internet), get so caught up in denigrating the things they hate, they forget to appreciate the things they love.
To say nothing of the fact that many of the most reactionary venom from ‘fans’ seems based not so much on the artists’ work but on the critics’ own frail self-esteem and stifling jealousy.
And so … we prefer to leave the doubters and haters and perpetual dark clouds to look elsewhere.
At Kaleidoscope we just want to share the love, baby. Share the love.

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