The Interminable Wait Is Over

The glorious day has finally arrived. The day for which all peace-loving peoples from around the world have anxiously awaited!!
Yes, the first comic from Kaleidoscope is finally available to order.
You can now be the envy of everyone on your block by being the first of your friends to read our Dark and Stormy Night / Pandemonium Flip Book. This beautiful comic magazine features 6 stories, every one as spine-chilling as the last.
The Dark and Stormy Night side of the flipbook contains four stories sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck.
Red Light Blues” by Rafael Nieves and Andrew Dimitt follows the violent (and very surprising) aftermath of a carjacking gone wrong.
It Has To Be True” by Gary Reed and Aaron Pittman is a sad and disturbing tale of love that turns to obsession.
Pig Money” by Mike Oliveri and Jorge Fornes follows a happy family on an innocent road trip that unravels quickly into something much darker than any of them could have expected.
Starstruck” by Greg Kishbaugh and Dan Dougherty watches as an amoral writer (is there any other kind?) retreats to a lonesome cabin in the woods to escape a deranged pursuer.
The Pandemonium side of the flipbook contains two tales of monstrous terror.
Hell Oh Dolly” by Donna Kishbaugh and Michael Reidy tells the tale of a sweet little old lady who wants to find a home for her antique doll, which just might happen to be possessed.
Hungry Eyes” by Greg Kishbaugh and Josh Gowdy is the story of a family torn apart by murder, mayhem and possibly a tad bit of cannibalism.
Everyone who reads comics has become accustomed to the unbridled hyperbole used to market a publisher’s latest efforts. But make no mistake. This really is a one-of-a-kind collectible. Not only will K-Scope not be producing any more flipbooks like the one you are about to hold in your hot little hands, we also will not be running any additional printings of this title. The flipbook will be sold at a couple more upcoming conventions and we will fulfill the orders we get through the web site and then ... GONE. Off the market forever.
So buy a copy today, won’t you. Heck, why not buy TWO? You can read one and lock the other away in your attic for safekeeping. When your grandkids discover it fifty years from now, still in pristine condition, your small investment just might allow them to buy their own private jet or their very own tropical island. At the very least it’ll buy ’em a cup of coffee and that’s more than they ever did for you, the ungrateful rugrats.

Waiting For A Trade — by Greg

     Let it be known right up front that I love comic book trade shows. Were there a way to freeze them in time and remain forever in their warm glow (provided I had a never-ending wad of cold cash in my pocket), I would gladly do so.
     But, of course, it’s their very transience that is part of their appeal.
     Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of attending live theater can tell you one of its primary allures — something that separates it from all other forms of pop culture — is its impermanence. See a play once, and you can never see it again. Ever. Nor can anyone else. Sure, you can see the same play with the same actors, same director, same sets, on a different night. But it will not be the exact same performance you witnessed the night before. Sometimes in nothing more than very subtle ways, but no two performances of any play are ever the same. And with that impermanence comes an overwhelming power. As you are consumed in watching a play, at the back of your mind, you are constantly reminding yourself … enjoy this while you can. It’s never going to happen again.
     In many ways, the experience of a comic book show echoes those same feelings.
The people you meet, the interactions you experience, the million odd and delightful things you see and do ... they are all fleeting. And even though you can return to the same show year after year, it will never be the same experience. Not exactly. And that’s why I try to cherish each one.
     Sure, they can be stressful at times. And very, very tiring. But there’s also nothing quite so wonderful in the world as being surrounded by people who love comics and pop culture, whose very souls are enlivened by beautifully told stories and gorgeously rendered art. Nor anything as invigorating as talking shop with other (much more talented) writers, nor watching over the shoulder as an artist you admire pencils and inks his/her latest creation right before your spellbound eyes.
     So, did I enjoy the recent Chicago Comic Con, you ask? Let me put it this way. On the drive home, late at night on Sunday after fours days of comic goodness, my family and I had really only one topic of conversation: We simply couldn’t wait to go back next year.
No, Brad Pitt and George Clooney did not make a surprise appearance at Chicago Comic Con. It’s Rafael Nieves and Greg Kishbaugh proudly displaying the first-ever comic from Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

Ready To Launch

     An exciting week ahead for Kaleidoscope as we officially launch at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, August 9-12! Naturally, you’ve seen the non-stop coverage on the major news networks and across the Web. If it weren’t for the Olympics, the launch of Kaleidoscope would surely be the only thing people were talking about.
     Well, the time is finally here. We are thrilled to be offering an absolutely spectacular Issue Zero flip book, with A Dark and Stormy Night on one side and Pandemonium on the other, with art and stories from Andrew Dimitt, Dan Dougherty, Jorge Fornes, Mike Oliveri, Aaron Pitman, Gary Reed, Josh Gowdy, Donna Kishbaugh, Michael Reidy, and two guys named Rafael Nieves and Greg Kishbaugh riding on the coattails of these other great creators, including the fine lettering work of Joseph Allen Black.

     We will be greeting our adoring fans in booths 4051 and 4053, so if you are at the show we humbly ask, nay, demand that you come by to stroke our fragile egos and tell us what an amazing job we’ve all done.
     Hope to see you there.