"It's not what you know; it's who you know..."

"You're only as good as the company you keep."

No matter how you phrase it, KALEIDOSCOPE has been keeping some very good company, indeed! Following is just a partial list of the creators who have joined our 'virtual bullpen', and whose stories and art you'll be seeing in ...A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT... and/or PANDEMONIUM. Or both! 

Antonio Arevalo
Steven Barnes
Louis Bayard
D.G. Chichester
Andrew Dimitt
Dan Dougherty
Lyndsay Faye
Danny Fingeroth
Jorge Fornes
Gary Friedrich
Michael Anthony Giba
Christopher Golden
Josh Gowdy

Orrin Grey
Rafaela Herrera

Charles Johnson
Sheila Johnson
Chris Kirby
Donna Kishbaugh
Greg Kishbaugh
Neil Klemz
Elaine Lee
David Liss
Jonathan Maberry
Antonio Maldonado
Dirk Manning
Rafael Nieves
Mike Oliveri
Matthew Pearl
Nick Perks

Aaron Pittman
Gary Reed
Michael 'Doc' Reidy
Emily Stone
Roy Thomas
Noel Tuazon
Mau Miranda Tutusaus

Ashley Marie Witter
Marv Wolfman
Wesley Wong